We are happy for the kind words of people about us.

Uzma Irfan

President - Malton Women Council


On behalf of MWC I would like to extend my gratitude for your generous supports to seniors in Malton.

Stay Blessed!



Assalamu Alikum Ahmed Khan Sahab

I am Abdul. Me and my family are very thankful to you for bringing the grocery to us. This help has come at very right time to us. You have come all the way from Mississauga to East York. May Allah give you great rewards for this. Your help has come at very right time since I had two brain surgeries so things are very difficult for me. May Allah give you, your family, your children and all your team members a very good healthy life, lengthy life, happiness and prosperity, success and happiness, endless wealth and May Allah protect all of you always. In Sha Allah Aameen. May Allah give great success to Canadian Red Cross, Rotary Club of Mississauga Streetville, Ontario Nonprofit Network and Government of Canada. Thank you so much. JazakAllahKhaira.

Sadaf Adnan

House Wife

Greetings! Really thankful for the kind act of Mr. and Mrs. Ahmad for bringing groceries for us, from all the way to Scarborough. May Allah Kareem accept their tremendous efforts for vulnerable people, and shower His bounties upon them and on organization..Amen Regards Sadaf Adnan



Assalamo Alaikum WRWB My wife and myself express many thanks for providing us groceries and appreciate greatly your concerns to seniors in this difficult situation of Covid 19. Our prayers to you and your family



Dear Mr Khan

Thank you so much for your great service. I was listening to your discussion with DSP TV. It was great. I see you helped Red Cross as a volunteer with your great wife and your excellent background I retired from UNICEF after working for 25 years in Afghanistan, India, Laos, and Indonesia and in a few African countries. I am a Civil Engineer by profession. I was responsible for Drinking water and sanitation programs in several countries. I am now retired and continue working for our communities voluntarily. I came back home yesterday after distribution along with others very late. I enjoy my volunteer work. Please resend me a soft copy of your beneficiary form Thanks and regards


Single Mom

Hi Ahmed I have the forms filled out. If size 3 rascals (sold at Walmart) or any other "natural" unscented diapers and water wipes (also sold at Walmart) or other natural unscented wipes are ever possible to get we would greatly appreciate it. The baby gets rashes easily so we know these brands work. Thanks so much again for your help during these difficult times


Single Mom

I know a single mom that’s finally coming home with a baby from Cuba. She will need to be in quarantine till November 1 I got her some things but it would be nice to have some things to add.

Vanessa Rene

Single Mom

cannot thank you enough for help with groceries for my son and I. Your kindness and generosity will not be forgotten. Please see attached for the documents requested. Kind regards,


Single Mom

OMG thank you so much!!! As soon as I get home I will send you all my documents and information you need to your email... Thank you so much from my heart!!



Bless your heart ❤️

Mrs Rana

Single Mom

I’m single Mom, I have 2 kids Thanks for help



Hi don’t need anything and I think its really nice what you do but i also think you should help single fathers as well because I know as a single father you don't receive as much financial help as women and don't have as many people reaching out to help you... also its very uncommon for a single father to receive as much benefits or even child support... as a 100% single father myself whose been raising my now 7 year old boy since he is 8 months by myself I can tell you its tough.... took the government three years and two MP's for them to accept that I was the only parent and to stop sending the mother his child tax wherever she was Some fathers deserve the help as well... Cheers!


House Wife

Not interested, just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping others in need! God bless you🤲 Thank you again! You are gems in humanity, we need 💗


House Wife

I’m not in need thank you :) just wanted to say very nice thing your doing That’s amazing

Miss Theresa

A great humanitarian service to all, thumbs up to Sinai foundation Canada. I received my groceries today. They provided me every essential grocery. Themr Nameen delivered my groceries .He is too nice and helpful. Thanks a lot to all the team.


House Wife

I am not interested, but I just want to let you know that what you are doing is truly selfless and amazing.


Bless your soul. You are doing an amazing job. Stay bless


Single Mom

I am single mom with three kids I live in oakville I ll appreciate your help brother thank you


Single Mom

Single mom, i am in Mississauga. Very low income We need food


House Wife

Assalamualikum! I would like to thank you from the bottom of heart for grocery. May Allah reward  all the volunteers and everyone involved. I will remember all in my prayers; Jazak Allah khair.