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Be prepared to move to the groove of rhythmic activities, sing with your soul, and paint a picture in your mind with the support of soothing sounds in mesmerizing musical moments. This experiential workshop is specially catered for the stressed-out professionals who need a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle and those who have anxieties of all sorts, difficulties falling asleep, and psychosomatic issues. A variety of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of music and/or music therapy techniques in inducing a relaxation response, both physiologically and psychologically. Jellison (1975), for example, has shown that background music can reduce stress responses and help induce relaxation under stress. Music has also been successfully combined with biofeedback techniques (Scartelli, 1984; Scartelli & Borling, 1986) to reduce tension and facilitate relaxation responses. Hanser (1985), in a comprehensive review of the literature, reported on numerous studies wherein music was found to be effective in eliciting perceptions of improved states of relaxation as measured by A-State Anxiety Inventory scores and verbal reports. Throughout much of the literature, subjects have overwhelmingly conveyed a feeling of deep calm and relaxation. In many cases (Scartelli & Borling, 1986), it was clearly the music which induced and maintained an enhanced state of relaxation, both psychologically and physiologically.