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E liminating hunger and starvation is one of the great confrontation of our time. Not only do the ramification of not enough or the not useful food cause adversity and poor health, they also slow the development in many other areas of life standards like education and employment.

In our daily life we come accorss to hear that there is a large number of men, women and children across the globe who are struggling to find healthy and good food for themselves. According to the latest calculations in the whole world, there is one in three who is suffering from some form of malnutrition.

S inai Foundation is working in an organized and planned manner to eradicate hunger and its causes from all across the globe. For this we are providing our expertise in the undermentioned fields:

  • Nutrition: In this we do field nutriment analysis, establish of food cycles and menu plans, train the trainers, increase awareness of school and college children and their families about the whole program.
  • Quality of Food and Hygiene: In this context we do facility audits for the nutrition areas, give training and increase awareness of said populations regarding food safety and hygiene.
  • Purchasing: To provide food to the deserving and needy people, we plan and make short supply chains. We also improving the efficiency of processes to make the whole process of from very start to end via complete records.
  • Logistics: To deliver the whole food items we have made a meal distribution circuits in the concerned areas.For this we use our own resources including transport, packing equipment and other associated components.