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S ocial Mobilization is a process in which people are grouped togehter and work collectively in different manners to make themselves more developed and updated. For this different approaches are collectively worked upon. These includes combine thinking and then acting upon as a team to achieve the required targets.

In Social Mobilization, people work together at different levels present in their communities. These levels are in towns, villages, and rural areas. Likewise each level has different values of work and accomplishing their subjected tasks.

T he working of such social mobilization is just like a continuous efforts. The team of Sinai Foundation is working on the same above said principle. We keep on repetitive collaborations with the governmental bodies and other interactive of the society to keep the pace among all the stake holders. The result of our this hard effort is in the shape of uplifting of our rural communities and making their life standards high and uplifted. These developed linkages with external organizations such as local government, donors, NGOs and the private sector are very much handful for the achieving the developments in the societies.

W e at Sinai Foundation present innovative ideas and development plans to the local bodies. And make them able to understand the importance of such social acts. Also, all the work is properly enlisted, planned and projected. Our each plan has its separate milestone for its accomplishment. Our these development plans are then completed according to the milestones accordingly. To keep the level of quality and proper implementation, each and every step is monitored and is also documented or the future audits.