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R ehabilitation is one of the medical care that by which one can get back, keep, or improve abilities that he or she need for daily life. The abilities needed for the daily life tasks may be physical, mental, and/or psychical(thinking and learning). These abilities are naturally God gifted but one may have lost his or her these abilities due to any disease, injury, or as a side effect from a medical treatment. After the rehabilitation one can improve his daily life and perform well his daily tasks.

T he types of treatments we provide in the rehabilitation programs includes:

  • Counseling of mental health
  • Art and music therapy that assist the patient to express his or her feelings, and makes his or her thinking better and fully functional
  • Counseling with nutrition and food
  • Cerebral rehabilitation therapy to make the patients cram his or her skills of memory, planning, thinking, learning, etc
  • Physical therapy to make the patient more strengthen, mobilize and fit

T he overall goal of Sinai Foundation in context with its rehabilitation program is to help the deserving and needy patients who want to get their abilities back and regain prosperity. Our team have experts for rehabilitation process and they know well that each person has different requirements for his rehabilitation process. Our experts and doctors work with the patients and find out the requirements, goals, and treatment plans for them. Our efforts are continuous and we work just for the happiness, prosperity, and satisfaction our community people. The only cause is see the smiling faces that we see after the regaining their lost abilities. We, at Sinai Foundation, consider it a an honor to be able to offer a aristocratic level of care and are dignified to be a major part of the communities whom we serve.