W aking up every day and doing what you know how to do best— live, might come out natural to you, as should. However, some people, due to one incident or the other, can no longer do the things they normally can. Sometimes this is caused due to accidents, amputation, maladies, or treatments and leads to a mental, physical, and emotional breakdown.

In such a situation, individuals finding it difficult to get back, keep, or improve their daily life abilities need rehabilitation therapy and programs to aid their progress. At Sinai Foundation, it is our joy to be part of the rehabilitation process of our community’s people. We gain the courage to continue our humanitarian efforts and care from the smiles and happiness we see in the hearts and faces of those they are affected by. Hence, we offer various professional rehabilitation therapies and programs to the needy and deserving who intend to get back to their feet and prosper.

O ur rehabilitation services are conducted from the hands of hired or volunteered practitioners and experts in the field. We provide the following kind of rehabilitation cares across all the communities we serve:

  • Mental health counseling sessions
  • Art and Music therapy sessions
  • Nutrition and Food counseling
  • Movement sessions
  • Physical therapy
  • Cerebral rehabilitation therapy
  • Tai Chi fitness classes

Sinai Foundation

We consist of passionate volunteers on the mission to make our world a better place, one community at a time.