F or developing communities, regions, and countries, importing services and products like food and petroleum might seem a simple way to sidestep developing the needed infrastructure. However, this leads to continuous dependency, an increase in the price of services and goods imported, and stagnancy.

More than that, certain infrastructures can’t be imported, which are necessary for better living standards, financial equality, and general development. Some of these infrastructures include roads, rails, electrical power stations, airports, and transport systems.

Developing these substructures enables rapid community-to-country development, innovation, and poverty mitigation. For this reason, it is vital for residents in their various communities to work together to get the right hands to foster such development.

Our Role

Having witness certain delays in government development initiatives in certain countries and communities due to various factors, the Sinai Foundation is committed to building various substructures with the ability to positively impacting various facets of community development. From farming, fishing, trading, to other social services, we help create the right infrastructure needed to unleash the true potential of every industrious resident in our communities.

It is our hope to increase our services under this department to give our communities all they truly need to stand, increase productivity levels, and eradicate poverty.

Through our Physical Infrastructure scope, we do the following:

  • Build rural roads
  • Build schools for rural communities
  • Develop basic health units
  • Skill acquisition centers for unskilled individuals

Sinai Foundation

We consist of passionate volunteers on the mission to make our world a better place, one community at a time.