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N atural resources conservancy is one of the dilemmas that we are facing nowadays in both developed and the developing world. We are living in the world where the majority depend on terrestrial ecosystems for sustenance; more than one billion people live in wretched poverty earning less than a dollar per day. If we see in more broader way then we will find that; more than 3.7 billion suffer from food deficiency and more than 800 million suffer from continuous hunger.

Increase in poplulation, resource use strife, technological elevations, change in climate, political stagnation, and untenable use and harvesting of resources have all put more pressure on natural resources which as a result leads towards land deterioration and poverty.

T he key elements towards the approach of Sinai Foundation experts in context with Natural Resource Management are:

  1. To manage our resources in the most efficient way there must be a collaboration that involves all participants, from communities, to government, to NGOs, and promotes coordination among them.
  2. To increase the level results in managing the resources, a strong local organizations, such as farmer groups and inter-village networks are built who have vast experience and understandings of natural reservoirs.
  3. To stop illegal encroachment leading to ecosystem deterioration, a verified and clear policy support must be present and law enforcement is also essential to assure the implementation of all rules and laws..

S inai Foundation's experts have found that to achieve a win-win situation, we need to change our ethos by thinking outside the box through encouraging integrated and comprehensive approaches in managing our natural resources. For this we at Sinai Foundation are working hard to presents a variety of viable strategies and ways including use of decision support system models, involving the stakeholders in main decisions regarding use of natural resources, community level plans and programs, and use of inspection and monitoring systems.