W hat we have in our forest and around us can feed us, yet we rely so much on the government and risk starvation. There are over 3.8 billion people in the world who are finding it hard to live comfortably and up to 760 million who are finding it hard to eat.

These individuals, though more found in the developing countries, are also in the developed states. The causes of such alarming numbers of starving people lie in our daily personal, social, and governmental movements. Our increase in population added to our use of resources, conflicts, technology enhancement, climate changes, political stagnation, unregulated use and harvest of resources, and lack of knowledge are serious culprits to the decline of natural resources and increase in hunger.

Sinai Resource Management Approach

This situation calls for the implementation of intentional, well-thought-out, natural resource conservation, and uses policies. Sinai Foundation works towards protecting nature and better informing our community residents on how to work with nature for sustenance while allowing it to thrive. To make this happen, we apply the following strategies:

  1. Fostering full participation: We have come to realize that the better way to drive change is if everyone believes and strongly desire the same. To make that happen, Sinai Foundation launches various campaigns, awareness programs, and discussions with all stakeholders. From residents in the community to government, private organizations, and more. Through this, we try to make everyone see the reason to aid all local farmers in regard to education, loans, and other needed equipment.
  2. Enhancing resource management: We carry out the right awareness programs and develop the right networks across residents of various villages and farmer groups to make sure the right practices are carried out on nature to ensure its continuance.
  1. Terminating illegal encroachment: Any encroachment that is detrimental to nature’s continuance should be frowned upon, not just by the people but by the law as well. To make this a reality, we take the right steps to encourage the government to put into law the right policies to preserve nature and back those up with the law enforcement bodies.

We all have our roles to play to make mother nature great again, and we at Sinai Foundation have come to see that a comprehensive approach is the best. Hence, we are continuously seeking out viable solutions to preserve nature and increase food production. This also means including all stakeholders in all major decisions like community-level plans, natural resources usage, and inspection and monitoring systems.

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