E very day over 25,000 people die of hunger and starvation. That's over 9.1 million people that lose their life to hunger in a year. This can happen due to a loss of a job, no qualifications to secure one, no skills to having one, and more especially no hands to help.

To date, hunger is one of the challenges the world faces. With no end in sight, this silent disease leads to poor health, suffering, and negative societal development disruption like increasing numbers of uneducated or employed people.

In our daily humanitarian services, we have come to discover that it isn't just those without work that suffer malnutrition. According to recent calculations, one out of three people in the world suffers from one level of malnutrition to the other. Often this is due to the lack of healthy food options to consume and the reliance on artificial products.

For these reasons, the Sinai Foundation is on a planned mission to eradicate hunger and malnutrition from the world. We have developed four underlying scopes to bring our mission to fruition, as shown below:

  • Nutritional Program: As part of our poverty alleviation initiative, Sinai Foundation partners up food and nutrition qualified professionals who carry out field nutrient tests in our located communities. These hired or volunteering team will also assist us in establishing food cycles, menu plans, and training volunteers. We will also create the right food and nutrition awareness across schools, colleges, and down to families while informing them about our feeding programs.
  • Food Quality and Hygiene: Sinai Foundation, through its Food Quality and Hygiene program, intends to bring about hunger and poverty reduction by carrying out our facility audits on available food and nutrition establishments in the area to ensure standardized equipment and approach. We also utilize this program to train food and nutrition staff as well as create food safety and hygiene awareness to the populace.
  • Purchasing Initiatives: We will also assist the community by creating the right supply channels to improve the life of the needy and deserving. Based on the condition of the place we are situated, the Sinai team will come up with a plan to provide the needy with what they need through a series of transparent short supply chains.
  • Logistics: This part of our hunger and poverty alleviation movement covers the installation of the right distribution channels needed to get our made foods to the needy and deserving in the concerned locations. We will come to each community with our resources and secure others when needed as regards packing equipment, transportation, and others.

Sinai Foundation

We consist of passionate volunteers on the mission to make our world a better place, one community at a time.