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I n this modern and civilized world, gender equilibrium is the most a considerable constituent to achieve the targets of all men and women in a society. This effective and optimized approach in the society leads to a progressed, developed and prosperous society which is having a continuous growth and progress. In gender development the most important element is the gender equality. This point refers to equal rights, obligations and opportunities that all stake holders can enjoy, regardless of whether he or she is born male or female.

In broader prospective, gender generally refers to socially formulated differences between men and women, whereas Sex is accredited to biological contrast between men and women. It is also obvious that, gender disparity vary depending on age, religion, ethnicity, marital status, culture, race, etc.

S inai Foundation is aimed to provide intense care for the most respected element of our society. We are in our continuous efforts to find appropriate and affordable elder care and assistance is this challenging environment. We determining exactly what type of care will best fit for our elders' needs. We know it is hard enough to do and it also takes plenty of time to get this being inquire, but we on our go to meet these all requirements. For this we do consultation with medical and eldercare professionals and find the ways for the best possible care for them.

W e locate affordable appropriate and reliable care options which will give the happiness and ease of living for our elders. For this we provide different types of care at different places, also costs and quality vary according to the situation and the facility. Each and every member of Sinai Foundation is happy to serve in this category. We know our elders are continuously being ignored by all of us.They need extra care and attention. They require medical facilities at the earliest. So, for this we are working continuously and improving ourselves in the same field.