I n Peel region there is a considerable aging population and became vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many mainstream organizations are running their operations in full capacity and help is needed on all levels from local communities. Food banks are struggling with the donations and then seeking volunteers for distributions. Here we are in unique position to service our local community in Mississauga to reach out the seniors who need the most.

Seniors Help (COVID-19) project was started in early May 2020. Sinai Foundation Canada Started the imitative by brainstorming as team to come up with solution to protect seniors living in the Mississauga from the pandemic. After careful consideration and rapidly changing conditions, our team decided to take active part on front line and assist the community. It was very difficult decision to go out and purchase groceries within the COVID-19 Lockdown and then deliver to the seniors in the area at their doors. But we put our program in action. Our organization is new and without any external resources, we gathered some amount and our team purchased groceries and initially delivered groceries to 6 seniors.

I t was successful and this delivery was a land mark for us and encouraged us to expand the work and explore the options to contact different organizations. Our president, Ahmad Khan, contacted Walmart, Lablows and at the same time reached out to the Mississauga Rotary Club Streetsville. The positive response was from Mississauga Rotary Club Streetsville and this club honored our request and sponsored groceries up to 20 seniors and needy families. Since than we never stopped and now our program is expanded and we are delivering groceries in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Malton and Brampton.

Though this program that will start to service 20 seniors in the Mississauga area and will expand as demand arises. This service is very much in need and will service the seniors with limited mobility and health concerns. As evaluate each delivery and it’s success and the recipients of the service are mostly seniors with disability or with medical conidiation, making them immobile and single mothers or new immigrants.

T he grocery deliveries are twice and month with the enough supplies for 2 weeks each. The deliveries are made in bags, carrying the organizational and COVID-19 protection precautions contact information. The deliveries are shipped out on 15th and End of the month.

We apricate our volunteers who is putting their life in danger and do this font-line great work and also thankful to Mississauga Rotary Club Streetsville to give us hope and enabled us to serve our community. We are proud Canadians who are making difference little by little in the lives of Seniors, Single Mothers and new immigrants who are in need of food and also are vulnerable at the risk of this pandemic. We are hopping that many more corporate organizations will give us hand to continue this program on permanent basis for needy beyond the COVID-19.

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