Board of Directors

Sinai Foundation Canada

All building starts with a foundation.

Ahmad Khan is the chairperson of Sinai Foundation, Canada. He has a extensive experience of working with international NGOs including Red Cross Canada. In Red Cross Canada, he served as a volunteer at the designation of Emergency Responder. Being as an Emergency Responder, he assisted people who were under stress, frustration, and emergency conditions. Along with Red Cross, Ahmad Khan is also an effective member of a community in GTA. In GTA he rendered his services in election campaigns, religious places and other important community activities.

If we talk about profession then we will come to know that Ahmad Khan is an entrepreneur and a business owner. He has an experience of more than 20 years in his business and had validated as an effective leader to take his business to the great success. While running his physiotherapy clinic, he came across so many distinctive people from different races and age levels. Especially the senior citizens were mostly affected by the health related and financial issues. He found that they are totally dependent on Government services which are very limited and they have to wait for a long time for their turn and to get its availability. So, keeping these issues, Ahmad Khan treated many senior citizens free of any cost in his clinic just for the betterment of mankind.

Ahmad Khan wanted to serve more people in an extensive manner, so he decided to start his own NGO services so that he can then work in the most effective way to help the needy and deserving people. With the collaboration of his experienced peers and siblings, now he is sunning Sinai Foundation in an organized way and helping the indigent citizens in both rural and urban areas.

Ali Shaikh is a software engineer by profession. He did his Ph.D. from Concordia University, Montreal. His area of research is optimization in optical networks, especially in optical grid networks and passive optical networks (PONs). He has more than 15 years of industrial experience in the development of software engineering projects. Currently he is working as a senior application developer in one of the biggest financial organization.

Ali Shaikh is also active in social activities. He is always readily available for the new immigrants to Canada and helps them from the basic so that they can be settled in the best manner in the new country. In this regard he also gives them computer training to those who are interested so that they can earn for their better life standards.

He is an active member of Sinai Foundation and is participating and putting his efforts for the helping of deserving people. He gives free trainings and also provides consultancies which is very much helpful for the people who cannot afford to get the paid consultancies and trainings. His all these efforts are making the people skilled and improving the life standards of the community as a whole.

For Ali Shaikh, life is to work for others and to give others. The best part of life is the see other people happy and satisfies. This can only be achieved with inner satisfaction which only comes while serving others without any cost. So, this is the main thing which Ali Shaikh say about himself and this is the main reason that he is working as an integral part of Sinai Foundation.

Khursheed is graduated in Computer Science from a renowned university with high grades. She came to Canada as an immigrant along with her husband and started a new journey of their life in an ambitious and planned manner. She along with her husband started a business of Physiotherapy and Medical Spa in Mississauga in 2013. In their Physiotherapy and Medical Spa center, they provided the most efficient and highly satisfactory services to their customers.

In social activities, Khursheed also proved herself as brilliant. She worked with Red Cross and Riverdale Immigrant Center in Downtown. She completed her all the assigned tasks in and helped the needy people wholeheartedly.

Khursheed is always willing to work more and more for the benefit and uplifting of the community members. In Sinai Foundation she is doing the same. She is performing on different tasks and projects of Sinai Foundation. She looks for all the financial aspects of Sinai Foundation. She is experienced and knows the laws and all the formalities to run the organization in a broader way. She handles the finance and allocates all the financial resources of Sinai Foundation in the required slots.

From the immigrant’s consultancy to the senior people health-care, she accomplishes all of her tasks in a planned manner. Khursheed is hardworking, planned and always active to work for us. We at Sinai Foundation are really proud of her contributions and efforts that she made for the deserving and needy people.

Roman is graduated in Science and Nursing from Mc-Master University, Canada. He worked as a technician in Canada Home Services. In his job he was assigned to assess and and provide and managing installation of breathing aid equipment’s for patients suffering with lungs and neap disorders. Roman also helped in Physiotherapy Clinic with staff and vendors. He also worked more than 7 years in hospitality business and with accounting firm to gain scarce experience. During his all job experiences, he was found as a hardworking and loyal employee. He worked with his all efforts to improve the services and hence the name of his respective organizations.

Likewise, for Sinai Foundation, Roman is working of different projects. In particular Roman is assigned as a Policy Leader and Subject Matter Specialist. His vast experience with diverse category organizations is helping a lot to him to set the goals and futuristic policies of Sinai Foundation.

Roman is well aware of Sinai Foundation’s Mission i.e. “To work with full enthusiasm and spirit for the betterment of our society.” So, in this regard he brings a lot of new ideas and then makes plans and policies to get them implemented to help the society and to raise the living standards of our people. He knows the core issues and the hurdles that might come in the way while implementing all the polices and carry on the projects. But, with his skills, expertise, and knowledge he overcomes all of them to make the mission of Sinai Foundation a successful one.

Awais is graduated from University of Gulph Ontario with undergraduate degree in life science and diploma in Business. He has been brilliant and practical during his studies and gained a lot of knowledge.

After completion of his studies, he worked with XXXX Technologies and served as a Customer Service Manager. He also managed different accounts in the most effective manner. To gain more experience, he has also been working in hospitality and retails marking field for more than 8 years.

In the Physiotherapy clinic of his parents, he expedited his parents in the most professional way and dealt many clients satisfactorily. In the same clinic he also worked and assisted the other medical staff and shared the responsibilities well.

To reap more expertise and to be more groomed personality he is now joining the MBA program from renowned university in Canada. This will definitely polishes the skills of Awais and will help him to be an efficient leader in the field of any business.

Awais is also working candidly with Sinai Foundation and is looking after all the projects of us. He plan, manage and then follow up the projects in an impressive manner. Due to his intelligent personality he easily understands all the niches and the requirements that are essential to carry on any project in a perfect way. He conforms all the needs and notifies the respective director to fill the needs that is required in any field or the project.

Sahilah he has a vast experience of organizing events of various kinds and has operated numerous programs of various niches. He is highly qualified in management field and knows very well to how to plan, organize, and run a successful event.

For him event management is an art and he is confident to perform that art in a beautiful manner. Dealing with both internal and external customers is his expertise, and the controlled and effective dealing is the basic pillar or requirement of an event management.

He has managed different events nationally and internationally and has proven himself as an expert of all. The most impressive thing is that in all the events that he had managed, have not even a single mismanagement. This shows his level of interest and eagerness to perform any task. His all colleagues are happy with his way of speaking and methods of taking work from them. They are highly satisfied with his ethics and value that he gives to them and to his customers.

In Sinai Foundation, Sahilah is also looking after all the events that are planned by us. After assigning the tasks for the event management, the rest of directors and chairman get relax because all of them are confident and sure about this performance and management skills. We all at Sinai Foundation are really happy and proud to have such a hardworking and trustworthy personality in our team. His true spirit and working capabilities will definitely improve Siani Foundation’s vision and scope in the right manner.

Azmat Shah is a graduate in diverse categories. He holds three master degrees in Agriculture and an Associate degree in Computer Information System. He is a resident of Brampton since 1996 and is actively participating in different social and welfare activities for uplifting the life standards of our citizens.

If we talk about his experience then we came to know that he has a vast and solid experience banking sector. He has been working with major Canadian Banks as Senior System Support Specialist. Further he is highly trained and has grip on using and working on Big Data.

Azmat also worked as an efficient teacher. He taught computer courses in different areas like Seneca, Ryerson and Devry. His students are highly inspired from him because they have got a lot of knowledge and information from him. Azmat Focuses wanted to bring forth skilled and intellectual youth for the future progress of the society. So, he delivers the best of his and used his energy to transfer his experience and information to his students. This hard work of him made him a renowned teacher and now his students are working in different organizations and some of them also working as an entrepreneur.

Sinai Foundation is really proud of having such a hardworking and social activist personality in its board of directors. Azmat Shah is taking lead in developing business procedures and training material for our projects. For the new comers and volunteers, Azmat provides the full training and guidelines to carry on the projects. Those who are new in Sinai Foundation follows the milestones led by him and fulfill all the projects and tasks very easily. He has formulated all the procedures regarding all the departments of Sinai Foundation in black and white. This all helps a lot for the whole Sinai Foundation team to accomplish any the said projects.

Waheed A. Khan is the CEO of Quick Works, which is a Bio Medical and Fire Safety Solution Provider Company. It serves to more than 300 corporations including Defence Forces, Public Organizations, New Startups, Fast Growing Companies, Real Estate Developers, Professional Service Firms, Business Associations and different NGOs.

Mr. Khan leads a talented, results-driven team known for its reputation for providing comprehensive, integrated marketing and strategic communications counsel that drives real business results.

Mr. Khan also co-founded “The Legends Organization” in 2007 which is a Karachi based nonprofit dedicated to supporting Education Reform in Government Higher Secondary Schools. Since its inception, the Organization has provided more than $30,000 in funding to educational research and support grants, as well as delivered Uniforms, Books, Shoes to more than 6,500 and trained 560 teachers and renovated schools infrastructure.

He also worked with NRSP, UNDP, Islamic Help UK, SMEDA, FPCCI and City District Government Karachi, Ministry of Women Development, National Education Foundation on multiple projects for improving the life of destitute people of rural areas of Baluchistan and Sindh.

Waheed Khan specializes in livelihoods and poverty reduction with strong expertise in fostering Community Based Organizations, developing need based innovative livelihoods programs, and formulating short cycle employable vocational and technical skills training.

In Sinai Foundation Waheed Khan is looking for the overseas sector. This includes the counseling of the deserving and needy immigrants and their necessary trainings. With his vast and solid experience Waheed Khan is performing actively in Sinai Foundation and is improving the standards and levels of the organization and its members.