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Sinai Foundation

Helping others is the most blessed part of one's life

We are passionate to help others

At Sinai, we are passionate about Finding, Approaching, and Caring for the deserved. Join Us

Sinai foundation is a non-profit organization situated in Canada that consists of a group of well-meaning volunteers who find, approach, and help those in need. We realize that the reason behind society's deterioration traces its root down to that one person who needed a helping hand and couldn't find one. We are on a mission to rewrite this wrong, one person at a time.

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Our Mission

In Sinai Foundation, we see a world made up of small communities filled with highly motivated professionals collaborating on the right platform and infrastructure to actually make a difference. To make this happen, we are constantly on the move to create an empowered environment across various countries in the world.

Our Approach

To us, solving a problem is about targeting the root and applying a holistic approach to it. Here, at Sinai Foundation, we focus our time, resources, and efforts on humanitarian and environmental projects that have cross impacts across various facets of the society, people, and the environment together.

In each country we find ourselves, we collaborate with the people there from parents, kids, secular workers, to farmers as well as the government to improve the conditions of those situated in these locations. This allows us to create a sustainable infrastructure tailored to the community’s needs to empower every single person in the region.

Just like we take a holistic approach, we also pay attention to the details. That includes creating the right channels to cater to the elderly, less privileged, and ensure the continuity of natural resources available to the people. This includes establishing support centers, feeding centers, farming unions, roads, and more.

Our Reach

Currently, Sinai Foundation has planned and executed various projects in Canada since its inception in 2019. Our first project was to create a Senior Support Center in the small town of Northern Ontario. This included securing land and working with the municipality to ensure everything is handed over to the local community after.

Sinai Foundation has moved on to establish other fascinating projects across Canada, including an Elderly Tai Chi Physical Fitness Class in the Evergreen Retirement Residence of Mississauga. It is our dream to spread our support and reach beyond Canada and mostly to all the third world countries in collaboration with on-ground establishments as needed.

Our Plea

Every day we fold our hands and do nothing, thousands of people lose their jobs, go to bed hungry, make a wrong decision, or die. These are individuals we could help by extending our love, care, and support. Sinai Foundation has positioned itself as the hands to reach out to each one of us out there in our various communities in need of the right assistance and infrastructure. We call on you to join us and support our mission to make our people and communities globally a source of happiness and admiration.

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