Our Story

Our Mission

At Sinai Foundation Canada, we strive to promote programs and services that benefit all communities by addressing their current needs, especially those experiencing food insecurity and impoverishment so no one will be left hungry or helpless.

Our Vision

We are committed to supporting the community in order to better manage the issues of food insecurity and poverty to ensure that no one will be left hungry or helpless.

Our Philosophy

At Sinai Foundation Canada, we believe that by helping people we become better versions of ourselves. We promise to focus on improving the living standards of people. This is starting within our community and then further expanding towards a global reach by utilizing our resources and collaboration. We also hope to empower the people around us.

Our Plea

Every day we fold our hands and do nothing. Thousands of people lose their jobs, go to bed hungry, make a wrong decision, or die. These are individuals we could help by extending our love, care, and support. Sinai Foundation has positioned itself as the hands to reach out to each one of us out there in various communities in need of the right assistance and infrastructure. We call on you to join us and support our mission to make our communities a global source of of happiness and admiration.

Our Reach

Since 2019, Sinai Foundation Canada has planned and executed various social projects. We started with the aim to create a Senior Support Center around Northern Ontario. Since then, Sinai has moved on to establish other fascinating projects across Canada, such as Community Rapid Response Initiative and Food Distribution in Mississauga during the Covid-19 pandemic to seniors and single parents. At the same time, we have promoted Health and well-being initiatives, including Stress Management Sessions, First Aid workshops, distribution of health care equipment for seniors and Mental Health Awareness and Education.

It is our dream to spread our support and reach beyond Canada, reaching to third-world countries and collaborating with on-ground establishments as needed. We have contributed to UNHCR fundraising and have also provided contributions toward the Beirut city explosion. It is our dream to spread our support and reach beyond Canada to the communities in third-world countries in collaboration with on-ground charities and Non-profit organizations to extend help that is most needed.


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